Monday, November 2, 2015

James Bond

SPECTRE marks the 24th (holy shit really?) 007 film in a franchise that has been around for well over fifty years. One of the coolest things about this series is that the movies having been made every few years between the 60's and today, have a crazy amount of diversity, while it also managing to follow many of the same tropes. Basically this makes for a perfect drinking game, especially if you have a vodka martini.

Gun barrel sequence

“Bond, James Bond”

Bond has sex

Someone Bond had sex with dies (drink three)

That random music video at the beginning of each movie (drink three)

Sean Connery era Bond is super sexist (drink two)

Product placement (drink two if it’s a car)

Someone namedrops the film’s title

A villain tells Bond their evil plan

“Shaken not stirred”

A helicopter

Racism (drink two if it’s Dalton era onward)

A villain with a foreign (IE not British) accent shows up (drink two)

Judy Dench is fed up with Bond’s shit

A lady with an extremely sexual name (drink five)

The movie suddenly becomes a Bourne ripoff

A pun or quip

If it was in reference to someone Bond just killed finish your drink

Bond uses a gadget Q gave him that seemed useless at the time (drink two)

And finally when Bond is left somewhere to die in an overly complicated way by a villain who is not present (drink three)

See ya next time...

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