Thursday, November 12, 2015


Which is better Alien or Aliens? Which is worse 3 or Resurrection? What was going on in Prometheus? What kind of drink will you have for this game? All are important questions.

Someone dies

A facehugger hugs someone's face

Ripley (or Shaw) in her underwear (drink two)

Someone says "fuck"

Dillon gives a rousing speech (drink four)

Religious imagery (drink two)

Newt screams

Something in Prometheus is very mysterious

Someone who died in a previous movie is mentioned

A really cringworthy line of dialogue

Someone is revealed to be a robot (drink five)

A new variety of alien is introduced (drink three)

Private Hudson spouts a one liner

There is a strong lesbian vibe between Ripley 8 and Call (drink two)

Brett says "Right..."

Ripley kills the last alien by blowing it out an airlock (finish your drink)

And finally drink when you see Jonsey!

See ya next time...

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