Monday, December 14, 2015

The Lord of the Rings

My sincerest apologies for missing two weeks, as a way to make it up I'll be doing two games this week, (including a Star Wars game in time for Force Awakens) and a new post on my other blog as well!

Legolas and Gimli act competitive

Sam says "Mr. Frodo"

You can’t understand something Gandalf says

Gimli talks about the Dwarves (drink two)

Merry and/or Pippin hijinks

Aragorn speaks Elvish

Gandalf or a hobbit smokes something

Decapitation (drink three)

Sting glows

Elrond talks some shit on somebody

Saruman gloats (drink two)

The army of the dead shows up (drink two)

Boromir is conflicted

Someone shouts “Nooooooo!” (drink four)

Aragorn is way outnumbered but still kicks ass

Frodo looks like he is about to cum (drink two)

The Fellowship's theme

Peter Jackson cameo (finish your drink)

Legolas looks super confused

Frodo puts on the ring

Aragorn gives a rousing speech (drink three)

Sméagol talks to Gollum

And finally when the Eagles show up finish your drink

See ya next time...

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