Monday, December 21, 2015

The Office

This week's game is for the US version of The Office, one day I'd love to do a British one as well, but for now enjoy Micheal, Jim, Pam and the rest while getting plastered!

Jim pulls a prank

Michael mispronounces something

Dwight yells “Michael!”

Andy refers to himself as the “Nard-dog”

Pam is awkward

Michael says something racist (drink two)

Hilarious guest star (drink three)

Creed gets someone’s name wrong (drink two)

Michael says something about how much he hates Toby

Erin completely misunderstands something

Robert California is super creepy

Kevin is implied to be an idiot

Stanley rolls his eyes

"Threat Level Midnight" is mentioned

Dwight mentions beets or Mose (drink three if both are in the same sentence)

Holly is really dorky

Gabe backpedals

David Wallace appearance (drink three)

Meredith flashes someone (finish your drink)

Andy mentions/sings acappella (drink two)

Pam does something courageous

“That’s what she said!”

Someone looks into the camera

Drink two if it’s Jim

And finally drink for every truly heartwarming moment

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Star Wars

In a Galaxy far far away...

A change from the original release

Luke flirts with his sister

Anakin has an outburst

Wilhelm scream (drink two)

Emperor Palpatine starts monologuing (drink two)

A lightsaber battle

Someone gets an arm cut off (drink three)

A force ghost shows up

Han is sarcastic

The Imperial March

Deus Ex Machina

Someone mentions the dark side

3P0 calculates the odds (drink three)

A shot with greenscreen so bad it takes you out of the film a little

Luke complains

A now famous actress appears as Padme’s double (drink two)

Someone gets force choked

Obi-Wan uses a force suggestion on some weak minded fool (drink four)

Leia is sassy

Padme says something about politics

A Jedi strokes his chin (drink two)

And finally finish your drink when someone says "I have a bad feeling about this"

See ya next time...

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Lord of the Rings

My sincerest apologies for missing two weeks, as a way to make it up I'll be doing two games this week, (including a Star Wars game in time for Force Awakens) and a new post on my other blog as well!

Legolas and Gimli act competitive

Sam says "Mr. Frodo"

You can’t understand something Gandalf says

Gimli talks about the Dwarves (drink two)

Merry and/or Pippin hijinks

Aragorn speaks Elvish

Gandalf or a hobbit smokes something

Decapitation (drink three)

Sting glows

Elrond talks some shit on somebody

Saruman gloats (drink two)

The army of the dead shows up (drink two)

Boromir is conflicted

Someone shouts “Nooooooo!” (drink four)

Aragorn is way outnumbered but still kicks ass

Frodo looks like he is about to cum (drink two)

The Fellowship's theme

Peter Jackson cameo (finish your drink)

Legolas looks super confused

Frodo puts on the ring

Aragorn gives a rousing speech (drink three)

Sméagol talks to Gollum

And finally when the Eagles show up finish your drink

See ya next time...