Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean

Sorry I missed a week, I've been busy, but I'm back with a new game! I reccomend using rum for this one.

Drink for/when:

Someone says “Savvy” or “Avast”

Sea turtles are mentioned

Will does something incredibly stupid (drink two)

A double cross

Someone comes up with an incredibly convoluted plan (drink two)

Two idiots argue about something trivial

Jack gets slapped in the face (drink two)

Someone invincible gets stabbed or shot and shrugs it off

Barbossa chews some scenery

Elizabeth kisses someone other than Will (drink three)

Norrington is morally conflicted (drink three)

Someone talks about Davy Jones’ sad backstory

A major character comes back from the dead (drink two)

Someone has a lighthearted or friendly conversation with someone who previously tried to murder them (Drink two)

Drink four if that person successfully murdered them

Someone says a line from the ride (drink five)

Someone mentions rum


Barbossa rolls his eyes (drink two)

Someone reinforces the fact that Jack’s title is Captain

Davy Jones asks someone if they fear death

Keith Richards shows up for no goddamn reason (finish your drink)

A fucking awesome duel with swords breaks out (drink one for every combatant)

Something thought to be ordinary in an earlier film turns out to have magical properties

and finally drink whenever something happens that makes absolutely no sense

See you next time...

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