Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Legend of Zelda

Hey, it's my first game for a video game, so I might as well do the best series of all time. Seeing as this is a franchise older than I am, and has been reinventing itself for decades on half a dozen consoles I've decided to put more of an emphasis from tropes from the 64 games onward. That in no way means this game won't work for the 2D games, you should still get a good buzz. And for the love of god, don't play the CDI games.

Drink for/when:

Link opens a chest

Link dies or uses a fairy

Someone flirts with Link

Link plays a song

You need to use a guide or get help (drink two)

Link fails at a mini-game (drink two)

Your companion (i.e. Navi, Midna, The King of Red Lions, ect.) tries to get your attention or talks to Link

Link talks to an animal

...if it's that owl drink four

You read the info on an enemy

Link gets a new item/upgrade an item (drink three)

Link gets eaten by a Like-like

Link gets a mask

Link transforms (yes, turning into a kid or an adult counts)

Out of nowhere, it turns out Ganon was the main antagonist all along (drink five)

Link uses an item to heal

A side character is super weird

The overworld them plays

And finally, when you beat a dungeon, finish your drink

See you next time...

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