Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Indiana Jones

Who doesn't love Indiana Jones? Well Nazis and Russians, I guess.

Drink for/when:


The Raider's march (AKA the Indiana Jones theme)

Map traveling scene (drink two)

The Ark of the Covenant (or a picture of it) is visible onscreen

Someone switches sides (drink two)


Indy uses his whip

Someone calls Indy by his proper name (Dr. Jones, Henry, or Junior)

Indy loses his hat (drink three)

Indy gets into a fistfight with a huge dude

...who then dies gruesomely by not paying attention to his surroundings (drink two)

Someone flies a plane (drink two)

Indy speaks a foreign language

A Star Wars reference (drink three)

Booby traps

The Wilhelm Scream (drink four)

A bad guy or guys gets his/her face melted, exploded, or otherwise destroyed (finish your drink)

And finally...that same punch sound effect

See ya next time...

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