Monday, July 31, 2017

Red Hot Chili Peppers

First game for a band!

Drink for:


A reference to sex

A funky baseline

Kiedis raps at super speed

If you switch songs and it’s a different guitarist

Flea sings

Drug reference

A drummer appears on a track that isn’t Chad Smith

A quiet song leads into a rowdy one (or vice versa)

Every time someone says “California”

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Dunkirk was just released by the masterful Christopher Nolan, so why not revisit one of the best trilogies in recent years in his brilliant superhero epic!

Trying something new with this one, doing rules for the series as a whole along with rules for individual movies:

Take  drink when:

Someone says “The Batman”

Luscious explains some new tech

Hans Zimmer’s score swells epically

Alfred says “Master Wayne”

Someone figures out Batman’s secret identity

Batman throws a baterang

The Scarecrow

Batman Begins:

Someone repeats a line from earlier in the film

Someone says “League of Shadows”

An action scene that just quickly cuts and doesn’t really showing anything

Liam Neeson starts monologing

Someone says “Fear”

The Dark Knight:

An intricate plan by the Joker

Harvey flips his coin

Something blows up

The Joker laughs

For that scene with the magic bullet that makes no sense finish your drink

The Dark Knight Rises:

Catwoman betrays somebody

Bane just beats the shit out of somebody

The pacing is kind of a mess

Someone mentions the events of the first two films

An allusion to “A Tale of Two Cites”

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Americans

The best show currently on TV, no matter what the Emmy's say

Drink whenever:

Someone dies

Philip and Elizabeth are called Mischa or Nadezhda

Paige complains about something

Real footage of Ronald Regan (drink three)

Henry plays a video game

The Jennings actually do some travel agent shit (drink two)

Someone wears a disguise with both a wig and glasses

Claudia shows up

Stan mentions or drinks beer

Martha and “Clark” have sex

Either of the Jennings seems to have serious doubts about what they are doing

Neena betrays someone (finish your drink)

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Princess Bride

I don't have a lot to say in this intro other than this movie is perfect...

Take a drink for/when...

Someone says “True love”

Someone refers to Count Rugen as “The six fingered man”

 “As you wish”

A swordfight

Someone mentions the Dread Pirate Roberts

The film returns to the frame story (AKA The Grandfather and The Grandson)


Someone reveals they aren’t left handed

 “Hello my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!”

Monday, July 3, 2017


Partly because it's easy to remember, and partly because I'm lazy, here's another game with one rule!

Drink when...

Hellboy makes a quip or says something snarky

See ya next time...

Monday, June 26, 2017


Ah the Transformers movies. The first one is pretty okay, I guess. The rest are... hit or miss. I feel like there is some joke to be made about Cade Yeager shots here...

Take a sip whenever...

Optimus Prime says “Autobots, roll out!”

A Cybertronian relic is revealed to have been on Earth for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years

Something completely contradicts the logic of a previous movie

Whenever a Transformer…transforms


Product placement for something other than cars

Sam says "No" multiple times in a row

A highly respected actor shows up

Expository dialogue

Optimus straight up murders someone (Drink two)

Slow motion

And finally whenever Megatron comes back to life finish your drink

Monday, June 19, 2017

Music Festivals

Grab a very overpriced drink or sneak some vodka and drink up!

Take a drink when...

Someone you’ve never met asks to buy/sell/have drugs

Some douchebag pushes past everyone and yells, “My friend is in there!”

A DJ uses way too much base

If you aren’t at Coachella and someone mentions Coachella

If you are at Coachella and someone complains that it’s “Not like it used to be”

You see someone wearing a band shirt for a band that isn’t preforming

You hear a hipster talk about an “amazing set” from a band you’ve never heard of

You miss seeing someone because of a schedule conflict

You get separated from your friends

You see a band you used to like ten years ago

You take a picture just so you can Instagram it

You need to double check the set list

And finally when your phone dies finish your drink

See ya next time...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


After a lengthy hiatus I'm bringing the blog back, and maybe trying some new things. Like this week where there is only one rule!


Every time someone says "Moana"

See ya next time...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hayao Miyazaki

This time around I decided to do something different. Instead of doing a game for a particular franchise I've decided to make one for one for a specific creator's works. This naturally provided some challenges, but that made making the game all the more enjoyable!


You recognize a voice in the English dub, but can’t quite place the actor

A quiet scene in an otherwise action filled movie

A strong female character is introduced (drink two)

A pig/pigs

A landscape shot

Someone discusses the horrors of war (drink three)

Flying scene

Someone mentions a spirit

And finally when character blatantly summarizes the moral of the movie finish your drink

Let me know what game you'd like to see next week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mission: Impossible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get drunk:

The "Mission: Impossible" theme song

The action moves to another country

Someone in IMF is revealed to be a traitor

Ethan Hunt is framed as a traitor (drink two)

Someone says “Rouge Nation”

Ethan climbs something (drink three)

Someone explains the plan/heist

A countdown

Something explodes

Luther mentions his clothes

A car chase

Drink one extra for every motorcycle in the chase

Someone says “Rabbit’s foot”

Someone wears one of those impossibly good masks (drink two)

Benji is snarky

Doves (drink four)

Someone says “Disavowed”

And finally drink whenever Ethan runs

....and drink two if it’s in slow motion

Let me know what drinking game you'd like to see next week!