Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Gotta catch em all! So this is designed for the Pokémon video games, not the show or any other media, but seeing as Origins follows the games pretty closely this actually works pretty well for that show.

Your Pokémon faints

You add a Pokemon to your dex

A trainer mentions shorts (drink two)

Get a badge (drink three)

Your Pokemon hurts itself in confusion

You black out (finish your drink)

A Pokemon blocks your route (drink three)

Fly to a another town

Some asshole tells you the route ahead is closed and blocks you (drink four)

You run from a battle

Your rival shows up out of fucking nowhere (drink four)

An NPC talks about the bond between trainer and Pokemon (drink three)

Defeat an Elite 4 Member (drink four)

Your Pokemon evolves (drink two)

Catch a legendary (drink three)

Someone on a villainous team mistreats a Pokemon

You use an item in battle

And finally when you beat the Champion finish your drink

Smell ya later...

Monday, October 19, 2015

Back to the Future

October 21st 2015, is the day that Marty and Doc travel to in their time machine! The future is now! To celebrate the soon to arrive momentous day I've decided to make a drinking game for the trilogy! If my calculations are correct, you're about to see some serious shit...

Doc says “Great Scott!”

Marty says “This is heavy'

Marty tries to order a Pepsi (drink two)

Someone calls Marty a chicken/yellow

Someone travels through time (drink three)

One Micheal J. Fox has a conversation with another Micheal J. Fox

Huey Lewis plays

Biff (or a relative) says “butthead”

Marty gets knocked out (finish your drink)

Someone calls Buford “Mad Dog”

Someone’s life is saved by a bullet-proof vest or something similar (drink five)

“Hello, McFly?”

Stickland calls someone a slacker

Someone from a famous band has a cameo (drink four)

A Tannen gets manure dumped on him (drink three)

Clara acts super independent for a woman in the 1800's

Someone says someone eles’s catchphrase (drink two)

Marty is confused by time schenannigans

Someone sees their past/future self

Billy Zane

Biff/Griff gets a colloquialism wrong (drink two)

...wait was that Elijah Wood? (drink three)

Marty uses pop culture from the future

Marty references a famous person from the future

Doc references Jules Verne

The movie's logic contradicts itself

And finally when someone says the name of the movie finish your drink

See you in the future...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Jurassic Park

Jurassic World will be out on DVD in just a few days, and what better way to watch it than while getting drunk, or go back and watch the original trilogy while you're at it!

A raptor is a clever

Malcom spouts a one-liner

Grant is fascinated by something either boring or terrifying

Clear foreshadowing (drink two)

The scheming villain gets eaten (finish your drink)

The main protagonist, who had previously had trouble relating to children, forms a bond with a kid

Muldoon/Roland/Owen is a total badass

Billy is a fucking idiot

A lucky pack saves someone’s life (drink five)

InGen pulls some shady shit

An awesome dinosaur fight (drink one for every dino)

Grant starts explaining something about dinosaurs

A T-Rex roars

A protagonist from the first film ends up on Isla Sorna for a convoluted reason (drink three)

A cameo by a character from the first film who won’t be going to the island again (drink four)

The Jurassic Park theme

A supporting character’s seemingly unrelated skill mentioned earlier saves the day (drink three)

A quiet and sad scene with two characters talking (drink three)

A very large dinosaur somehow sneaks up on someone (drink two)

Nick van Owen is a dick

“Spared no expense”

A kid’s divorced parents are mentioned (drink two)

A huge scream

Clair does something really brave and awesome, particularly for someone in heels

If you are actually watching the third one for some reason finish your drink during the scene where Grant dreams about a goddamn talking raptor

And finally when someone says “Run” (drink four)

See ya next time...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean

Sorry I missed a week, I've been busy, but I'm back with a new game! I reccomend using rum for this one.

Drink for/when:

Someone says “Savvy” or “Avast”

Sea turtles are mentioned

Will does something incredibly stupid (drink two)

A double cross

Someone comes up with an incredibly convoluted plan (drink two)

Two idiots argue about something trivial

Jack gets slapped in the face (drink two)

Someone invincible gets stabbed or shot and shrugs it off

Barbossa chews some scenery

Elizabeth kisses someone other than Will (drink three)

Norrington is morally conflicted (drink three)

Someone talks about Davy Jones’ sad backstory

A major character comes back from the dead (drink two)

Someone has a lighthearted or friendly conversation with someone who previously tried to murder them (Drink two)

Drink four if that person successfully murdered them

Someone says a line from the ride (drink five)

Someone mentions rum


Barbossa rolls his eyes (drink two)

Someone reinforces the fact that Jack’s title is Captain

Davy Jones asks someone if they fear death

Keith Richards shows up for no goddamn reason (finish your drink)

A fucking awesome duel with swords breaks out (drink one for every combatant)

Something thought to be ordinary in an earlier film turns out to have magical properties

and finally drink whenever something happens that makes absolutely no sense

See you next time...