Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Gotta catch em all! So this is designed for the Pokémon video games, not the show or any other media, but seeing as Origins follows the games pretty closely this actually works pretty well for that show.

Your Pokémon faints

You add a Pokemon to your dex

A trainer mentions shorts (drink two)

Get a badge (drink three)

Your Pokemon hurts itself in confusion

You black out (finish your drink)

A Pokemon blocks your route (drink three)

Fly to a another town

Some asshole tells you the route ahead is closed and blocks you (drink four)

You run from a battle

Your rival shows up out of fucking nowhere (drink four)

An NPC talks about the bond between trainer and Pokemon (drink three)

Defeat an Elite 4 Member (drink four)

Your Pokemon evolves (drink two)

Catch a legendary (drink three)

Someone on a villainous team mistreats a Pokemon

You use an item in battle

And finally when you beat the Champion finish your drink

Smell ya later...

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