Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Legend of Zelda

Hey, it's my first game for a video game, so I might as well do the best series of all time. Seeing as this is a franchise older than I am, and has been reinventing itself for decades on half a dozen consoles I've decided to put more of an emphasis from tropes from the 64 games onward. That in no way means this game won't work for the 2D games, you should still get a good buzz. And for the love of god, don't play the CDI games.

Drink for/when:

Link opens a chest

Link dies or uses a fairy

Someone flirts with Link

Link plays a song

You need to use a guide or get help (drink two)

Link fails at a mini-game (drink two)

Your companion (i.e. Navi, Midna, The King of Red Lions, ect.) tries to get your attention or talks to Link

Link talks to an animal

...if it's that owl drink four

You read the info on an enemy

Link gets a new item/upgrade an item (drink three)

Link gets eaten by a Like-like

Link gets a mask

Link transforms (yes, turning into a kid or an adult counts)

Out of nowhere, it turns out Ganon was the main antagonist all along (drink five)

Link uses an item to heal

A side character is super weird

The overworld them plays

And finally, when you beat a dungeon, finish your drink

See you next time...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Parks and Rec

Everybody pants now! Pants, pants, pants, pants, pants!

Drink when/for:

Leslie gives Ann a strange compliment

Tom calls Ben a nerd

April says something creepy (drink two)

Ben mentions Star Wars or Game of Thrones

Burt Maclin is on the case (drink three)

Jerry does something embarrassing

Leslie makes a reference to a female politician

Ron builds something (drink two)

Leslie gets toung tied

Donna mentions her Benz (drink two)

A hilarious guest star (drink four)

Ann says "dude"

Ethel Beavers

Leslie mentions waffles

Greg Pikitis is evil

Leslie mentions her crush on Joe Biden (drink two)

Mark Brandanowitz is sarcastic

A raccoon shows up

Ron says something disparaging about the government

Andy says something incorrect

Ron mentions red meat or whiskey

Jean Ralphio or Mona Lisa is terrible

“You got Jammed” (drink four)

Andy plays guitar

Someone mentions how great Lil’ Sebastian is

April says something awful about Ann (drink two)

Leslie mentions Ben’s butt

Ann has a new boyfriend (drink three)

...and if it’s one the main cast finish your drink

Tammy Two (drink one) or Tammy One (drink two)

Ron mentions his buried gold (drink five)

Shauna hits on somebody

Craig has an outburst

Bobby Newport is confused by something very simple

The cones of dunshire are mentioned (drink four)

Someone mentions something terrible that happened to the Wamapoke (drink three)

The pit is mentioned

And finally whenever Chris says "Literally"

See you next time...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Indiana Jones

Who doesn't love Indiana Jones? Well Nazis and Russians, I guess.

Drink for/when:


The Raider's march (AKA the Indiana Jones theme)

Map traveling scene (drink two)

The Ark of the Covenant (or a picture of it) is visible onscreen

Someone switches sides (drink two)


Indy uses his whip

Someone calls Indy by his proper name (Dr. Jones, Henry, or Junior)

Indy loses his hat (drink three)

Indy gets into a fistfight with a huge dude

...who then dies gruesomely by not paying attention to his surroundings (drink two)

Someone flies a plane (drink two)

Indy speaks a foreign language

A Star Wars reference (drink three)

Booby traps

The Wilhelm Scream (drink four)

A bad guy or guys gets his/her face melted, exploded, or otherwise destroyed (finish your drink)

And finally...that same punch sound effect

See ya next time...