Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Arrested Development

Remember, vodka goes bad once it's open.

“Come on!”

A celebrity guest star

A reference to Oscar being Buster’s real father (drink two)


"No touching!" (drink two)

Lucille says something racist

“Marry me!”

“I’ve made a huge mistake” (drink three)

“Steve Holt!”


Something is bleeped out



G.O.B.'s bees


"But where did the lighter fluid come form?" (drink two)

Someone does a poor imitation of a chicken

“An Illusion!”

"Hey Brother...."

“Well that was a freebie” (drink three)

A reference to another show

Drink two if it’s "Happy Days"

Drink three if it's "Peanuts"

And finally drink whenever Tobias says something that could be construed as gay

See ya next time...

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