Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Hunger Games

Tomorrow is the conclusion of the Hunger Games movie tril.... movie series! It's easily one of my favorite film series of all time, and I'm while sad to see it end, I'll be glad to be able have all four movies to watch and raise a glass to District 12.

Katniss fires an arrow

Something blows up

Haymitch gets drunk

Katniss yells “Prim!” (drink two)

A cannon fires

Gale is a badass (drink two)

Finnick flirts with somebody

Peeta complains about something

The three fingered sign of respect (drink three)

Capitol overindulgence

Gale rant’s against the Capitol (drink two)

Caesar explains something 

Peeta tries to kill Katniss

Katniss kisses someone (drink two)

The Mockingjay logo/pin

Snow actually makes a good point (drink four)

Plutarch's evil smirk

Katniss sings (drink five)

And finally drink three whenever you cry

See ya next time...

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