Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Marvel Movies

Ah a new endeavor, and I figure why not start ambitiously and try and make a drinking game out of the most successful franchise in movie history. Okay, it's really like 7 or 8 franchises glued together, and features dozens of characters, and movies with differing genres and tone. Oh well, I'm gonna try and make some umbrella rules which will hopefully apply to enough of them that watching any of the Marvel movies* and playing this will get you good 'n drunk!

Drink when/for:

To start things off drink through the Marvel Studios logo

Blatant exposition

An infinity stone shows up (drink two)

Stan Lee cameo

Avenger cameo

A character from another Marvel movie that isn't an Avenger shows up (drink two)

Agent Coleson is in a scene

Nick Fury is in a scene

A continuity error

Somebody namedrops the film's subtitle (drink two)

A pop culture reference

A Marvel reference (drink two)

Black Widow does something both sexy and badass

Hawkeye is clearly out of his league

...and he says some sarcastic shit about it (drink two)

An actor named Chris is shirtless (drink three)

Blatant setup for a sequel

Blatant setup for a different character's film (drink two)

A main character dies (drink three)

A main character comes back to life or was never really dead (finish your drink)

"Name of Movie" Will Return

A mid credits scene

A post credits scene

And finally, a villain who wasn't in the movie shows up in the mid/post credits scene (finish your drink)

*So this is a game designed for the Marvel Cinematic Universe specifically, so don't play this if your planning on watching Punisher: War Zone, or Ang Lee's shitty Hulk movie. As for if this applies to Marvel's TV shows, well television is a very different animal and this set of rules wasn't really designed with TV in mind but... sure, however your results may vary (as in you'll get wasted watching S.H.I.E.L.D. but be pretty sober for Daredevil.)

See you next time...

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