Tuesday, August 25, 2015


It's time for my first game for a TV show, and what better way to start off than with my favorite show of all time? That's right, get ready to get really bloody drunk cause it's the LOST drinking game!

Drink when/for:

A character has daddy issues

A new mystery is introduced

Sawyer uses a nickname

The numbers

Jack says "If we can't live together we’re gonna die alone" (drink two)

Someone comments on Hurley's weight

Kate does something stupid

Desmond says “Brotha”

A character named after a philosopher is introduced (drink two)

Literary reference (drink three)

Someone sees or mentions a polar bear

“Hollywood and Vines” motif (AKA the walking theme) plays (drink three)

Miles is snarky

A major character from another show plays a supporting or minor part

Clair say “My babay!”

A character drinks (If its MacCutcheon whiskey drink five)

Someone gets punched in the face (drink two if it’s Ben)

"You all everybody!"

Jin and Sun speak Korean on the island

Someone important dies (drink three)

Close up of an eye opening

Micheal say "My son," or 'My boy"

Nikki and Paulo are the worst

Lepidus doesn’t give a shit about this island mumbo jumbo

Ben says “I lied”

Jack laughs

Hurley says "Dude"

Someone dead shows up in a vision, or imitated by the smoke monster, ect.

Kate makes out with somebody

Someone is in another character’s flashback (drink two)

Someone dead is in another characters flashback/flashsideways (drink three)

Locke says “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” (drink two)

Confusion over Scott and Steve

Saiyid does some morally ambiguous shit

Sawyer says “Son of a bitch” (drink two)

Jacob is spoken about mysteriously or does some mysterious shit

A character says another character’s catchphrase (drink four)


Kate is a badass

Someone Sayid has slept with dies (drink five)

An episode ends in a cliffhanger (drink five)

And finally, whenever someone responds with "What?"

See ya in anotha life brotha...

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