Monday, June 19, 2017

Music Festivals

Grab a very overpriced drink or sneak some vodka and drink up!

Take a drink when...

Someone you’ve never met asks to buy/sell/have drugs

Some douchebag pushes past everyone and yells, “My friend is in there!”

A DJ uses way too much base

If you aren’t at Coachella and someone mentions Coachella

If you are at Coachella and someone complains that it’s “Not like it used to be”

You see someone wearing a band shirt for a band that isn’t preforming

You hear a hipster talk about an “amazing set” from a band you’ve never heard of

You miss seeing someone because of a schedule conflict

You get separated from your friends

You see a band you used to like ten years ago

You take a picture just so you can Instagram it

You need to double check the set list

And finally when your phone dies finish your drink

See ya next time...

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